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K. LAZ'Centurion' Customized Virtual Wine Tasting Kit - 3-Pack with Shipping Included

$850.00 750mL
K. LAZ 'Centurion' Customized Virtual Wine Tasting Kit - 3-Pack with Shipping Included - K. Laz Wine Collection
- Once you’ve purchased your K. LAZ Customized Virtual Wine Tasting Kit, fill out the tasting request in the 'Visit With Us' section of our website or simply call or email us to schedule your own Virtual K. LAZ Private Wine Tasting and to finalize the customized wine lineup. 
- If you’d like to have friends or family join your Private Virtual Wine Tasting, send them this information so they can get their kits.

- If there are wines you enjoyed from your virtual wine tasting, you will receive special pricing on those wines tasted.

Just like the private tasting program at K. LAZ WINE COLLECTION Yountville CA, K. LAZ Virtual Private Wine Tastings have become one of the most in-demand reservations to score because of their customized approach to the quality of wines shared in each lineup and the broad and specific knowledge of the wine industry.

The tastings hosted by the K. LAZ wine team are interactive and draw from their insider approach to the wine business. They have become known as an authority in California wine so they really touch upon not just what’s in the glass, but also the industry as a whole, vintage trends, what was going on during the season leading up to harvest for each vintage discussed.