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Hanabi LagerSummer 2021 Edition: Francin Helles Style Lager Beer- 6-bottle case Special

$ 99.00 $ 85.00 500mL
Hanabi Lager Summer 2021 Edition: Francin Helles Style Lager Beer- 6-bottle case Special - K. Laz Wine Collection

This newest edition is the 3rd release for Nick Gislason, who also happens to be the winemaker at Screaming Eagle. `For this bottling, Nick used Francin barley, grown near Nick’s original home on the San Juan Islands, in Washington State. The barley fields literally border the ocean, and these pure, maritime growing conditions help develop a floral and sweet-hay-like character in this barley.  As a springtime barley variety, it was planted in April, and harvested in August and September. “Francin brings ethereal aromas of floral sweet-hay and an oceanic minerality, reflective of the fields that it came from, where the ocean meets the Skagit Valley. Wanting to honor the nuances of this delicious grain, we brewed a style of beer called Helles Lager that we feel provides the clearest lens straight to the grain itself. While difficult and unforgiving to make, owing to its subtlety, it offers an honest expression of the grain, in the truest sense.” –Nick Gislason. For shipping purposes, it is reflected as 750ml bottles because of the weight of the special shipper. Shipping prices will be the equivalent of shipping 6 bottles of wine.

Thanks to his winemaking efforts at Screaming Eagle, I've become friends with Nick Gislason, their winemaker since 2008 and tasted his pilot batches of Pilsner when he graciously donated and poured a mini keg at our inaugural Inspire Napa Valley 2018. Now Nick, his wife and some winemaking colleagues are brewing seasonal lagers in their brewery workshop in south Napa. Inspired by old-world lager brewing techniques, and using heirloom barley varieties with great flavors, they are brewing lagers that are complex, yet still vibrant and refreshing. 

  • CountryUSA
  • AppellationNapa Valley