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CHEVRussian River Valley Pinot Noir 2018

$102.00 750mL
CHEV Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 2018 - K. Laz Wine Collection

Most know of Michael Browne for starting Kosta Browne which began with everything he and his wife, Sarah had "which wasn't much. But after 23 years and three wonderful kids, we finally have our own family winery. And thanks to our team of hand-chosen experts- each uniquely skilled in their craft with impressive backgrounds, it’s the perfect pairing of knowledge, creativity, and passion that goes into making every delicious bottle of CHEV." This 2018 vintage marks the debut release of CHEV and comes from Russian River Valley, where Mike's winemaking career began. This juicy, vibrant Pinot Noir offers notes of violet, hibiscus, dark plum and hints of candied apple with a voluptuous red-velvety texture. They fermented whole-cluster in concrete fermentation and French oak and concrete tank aging. Going forward, they will also work with growers in Santa Lucia Highlands, Oregon, and Washington.

  • CountryUSA
  • RegionCalifornia
  • AppellationRussian River Valley