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Donkey and Thistle –

Mad Fritz Beer Donkey and Thistle - K. Laz Wine Collection

One of our favorite styles of beer is the Pilsener Style.  The subtle sulfides and nuanced malt characters framed by a balance hop profile seems to awaken the senses.  We crafted our pale lager after a more Bohemian Style while pushing the Original Gravity to fall more in a Mai Bock style without filtration it would be a Keller bier or Cellar Beer! ..Somehow many of our beers never seem to quite fit a mold in the style guidelines thus their personality shows as well as the barrel aging in French Oak-Chardonnay for 1 to 2 months. We produced several batches of this beer utilizing several different lager yeast strains fermented at 55 F, aged at 58 F and thus final alcohols very from 6.6% to 7.6% v/v depending on the lot.  The barley is 100% micro Malted Scarlet from Alamosa Colorado at 7500 feet elevation, while the hops are Organic Glacier and grown locally in Clear Lake, California.

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